The true giant in worldwide dating. It has the widest membership base and security level. Visitors appreciate it for all the perks that a decent dating platform could have.
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AnastasiaDate Review

Social media can come in handy while finding a potential partner. But if you are looking forward to creating a strong family, online dating service is somewhat worth considering. Apart from that, online dating is a wider selection of single women from different countries. AnastasiaDate allows discovering single women originating from Eastern Europe, making Slavic dating one of the most demanded ones.

Since online dating was first invented and represented publicly, it has become the most reliable way of building international relationships. So what are the main aspects of AnastasiaDate online platform that makes it trustworthy among its multiple customers? Let’s dive into the details.

AnastasiaDate review, pros and cons, Slavic dating, dating sexy Slavic women, AnastasiaDate mainpage

Why AnastasiaDate

Why do people choose AnastasiaDate over many other online dating services? One would take safety as the priority, and this is what distinguishes AnastasiaDate from other dating sources. It is a great opportunity to discover single women from Slavic countries and build a relationship with a real Ukrainian or Russian single girl effortlessly.

AnastasiaDate puts the safety and privacy of its registered members in the first place, not providing their personal details and information to other dating sources. Among that, the website offers a set of useful tools and additional services for you to get necessary online dating assistance and support.

AnastasiaDate review, pros and cons, Slavic dating, dating sexy Slavic women, Why AnastasiaDate

AnastasiaDate Pros

AnastasiaDate developers considered all the important aspects of successful Internet dating. Today, to be able to build a relationship with a single Ukrainian woman, the user of AnastasiaDate ought to have certain tools and additional services to ease this process. The website provides multiple services to assist its registered members and help them succeed in online dating.

Wide communication opportunities

AnastasiaDate offers wide communication opportunities, among which are multiple services that support online communication with single Slavic women. These are:

  • Live chat
  • Camshare
  • Emails

The mentioned communication tools are supported by the assistance of a professional interpreter as it comes to the process of dating on an international level. A single lady may not speak English, so you will need the help of our staff.

Mobile version available

From now on, you do not have to carry your laptop to communicate with Slavic women on the website as AnastasiaDate has an Android app per se. All the services provided by the dating platform are fully available in the app.

AnastasiaDate review, pros and cons, Slavic dating, dating sexy Slavic women, AnastasiaDate Mobile Version

Excellent customer service

The staff is ready to help registered members, being available 24/7.

Opportunity to send virtual gifts

If there is an upcoming special occasion, a single man can surprise his Slavic girlfriend by sending a virtual gift on the website or arranging to send the real one.

AnastasiaDate Cons

Just like any other online dating service, AnastasiaDate may have its not quite pleasant sides. One should understand that a reliable dating website is not free. The registration process is free and available to everyone. But if you are looking forward to using the service and its tools, you will have to pay.

Online dating is not completely free

There is a monthly subscription as well as many other special offers that will make you spend less money on the service. But one ought to pay to get access to all the tools offered by AnastasiaDate, among which are highly important communication tools.

AnastasiaDate registered members

Being in the online dating industry, one should be aware of the existence of so-called scammers. Those can be real single women. The only difference from other users is that they usually demand money and expensive gifts from foreign men. A registered member of AnastasiaDate is allowed to report if he notices such behavior so that the account of that person can be blocked immediately.

AnastasiaDate review, pros and cons, Slavic dating, dating sexy Slavic women, AnastasiaDate members

AnastasiaDate Value

The developers of AnastasiaDate dating platform have managed to create a convenient and safe environment for building relationships with Slavic women. The dating service seizes all the important aspects of online communication with ladies from Russia and Ukraine, putting the needs of its customers in the first place.

However, to be able to enjoy the advantages of AnastasiaDate service fully, one needs to create a personal account first. One thing is certain; a big number of individuals from all over the world fully relies on the competence and professional assistance of one of the biggest online dating sources.

Ease of use

Nothing is simpler than using the AnastasiaDate online dating website. The source features light web design, which makes it easier to find the necessary tools on a particular page. The same goes for the mobile app, available for Android users only, though. Due to the innovative design, the main page of the online dating service provides a brief insight into what the service offers to its registered members, fully covering all possible aspects of online international dating.

Even if you have never been into online dating, the website explains every single detail quite clearly, and it is also very easy to load on all devices.

AnastasiaDate review, pros and cons, Slavic dating, dating sexy Slavic women, AnastasiaDate members contacting

Customer service

AnastasiaDate features excellent customer service. The website staff is ready to provide necessary assistance to everyone, both the members of the dating service and the ones who would like to become a part of a huge online dating community but still have some questions.

Moreover, in case of any problem when using AnastasiaDate, the Support Team will be glad to provide the member with qualified assistance and give a piece of advice. All the messages from the customers are replied within a short time so that they can carry on using the service freely.

Number of members

The precise numbers of registered members on AnastasiaDate today remains unknown. However, the growing demand for reliable and trustworthy online dating websites has led many single individuals to this dating source. According to some online resources, AnastasiaDate may have more than 20 million members, which includes both single men and Ukrainian ladies, as well as plenty of Russian singles.

AnastasiaDate has been in the online dating industry for many years, having helped thousands of couples to find each other and make families. Some examples are represented on the dating service, sharing successful love stories with new users. 

Quality of profiles

Each profile represents a significant part of an individual’s life, whether it comes to the profile belonging to a single man or Slavic woman. Usually, the profile of AnastasiaDate member features multiple photos he or she shares with other users. These do not have to be professional, although the majority of single Slavic women prefer posting professionally made pictures.

Among that, there are details related to physical appearance, education degree, current occupation, and many other important details. Some of the women even come up with an ideal match description to briefly describe the kind of a man they would like to date on AnastasiaDate.

AnastasiaDate review, pros and cons, Slavic dating, dating sexy Slavic women, AnastasiaDate girls profiles

Safety and Anti-scam

AnastasiaDate is considered to be a reliable online dating source, allowing individuals from all over the world to date on an international level. To provide a safe and convenient online dating environment, the Anastasia Date developers have come up with the verification procedure, which is the key to the safety and anti-scam policy.

All the individuals who want to become a part of the online dating community and create a personal account on the AnastasiaDate go thorough verification process that requires providing documents that prove they are real.

Value for money

All the advantages provided by AnastasiaDate are not fully free. To get full access to all the additional tools, communication services, and other benefits, registered members of the dating website ought to pay. Besides, to open a letter from a particular woman, a single man will need to pay too, although the price is not high.

There are different payment methods provided by the developers of AnastasiaDate, which makes it convenient to use. Live chat, camshare, correspondence, sending gifts, and flowers are the services that a single man pays for to get immediately.

How Does AnastasiaDate Work

The online dating website works pretty simple; one creates a profile, getting access to all the advantages of AnastasiaDate membership. It is free to sign up and set up your profile by adding certain information. You can hold off on sharing your photos and other details, but Slavic ladies are not interested in blank profiles.

Afterward, a registered member browses through AnastasiaDate to discover potential Ukrainian or Russian women he would like to date. Once he finds someone he is particularly interested in, communication services appear to be handy.


The registration process on AnastasiaDate does not require any particular skills or knowledge. Creating a personal account on the online dating platform is supported by step-by-step instructions, which provide a brief insight into how everything works on the online dating source.

As it was said before, AnastasiaDate allows creating a profile for free. On the website, the new user usually shares personal photos, sometimes videos, and other essential information regarding occupation, physical appearance, habits, and other details. Having a blank profile is not recommended as your chances to get a reply to your letter are minimal.


AnastasiaDate allows its registered members to discover single Ukrainian and Russian ladies according to their physical appearance and other characteristics. It is possible due to the advanced search engine features that allow choosing such parameters as:

  • Physical 
  • Occupation
  • Frequency of drinking, smoking
  • Having children or not
  • Current marital status
  • Education degree
  • Location
  • Age range
  • Languages

If you are more open-minded and do not have any particular requirements when it comes to dating a single woman, simply browse the pages of the online dating website. It provides a huge database of women of different ages, interests, and other qualities.

AnastasiaDate review, pros and cons, Slavic dating, dating sexy Slavic women, AnastasiaDate girls profiles


Once you have found your perfect Ukrainian or Russian match, make sure to come up with a catchy introduction letter. The introduction letter is the very first letter or message you send to a particular girl on AnastasiaDate, looking forward to getting her reply. In this process, communication tools and services play a significant role, allowing single users to interact in many different ways:

  • Correspondence
  • Live chat
  • Camshare

Letters allow single men to initiate the first contact with their potential matches. Live chat provides the opportunity to communicate with women instantly, which requires both members to be online at the moment of speaking. And last but not least, is a Camshare. It is the live video chat that makes it possible to make a video call and finally see the woman you have been dating for on camera.

Dating Rules

Dating on a trustworthy online dating platform is different in comparison to communicating and interacting with individuals on well-known social networks. AnastasiaDate shares many dating rules that registered members ought to follow.

First of all, you are only allowed to create a personal account if you have reached age 18 and older. Moreover, to prove you are a real person, the dating service requires providing documents that can verify your identity.

When it comes to messaging and sharing things on AnastasiaDate, it is not allowed posting and sending photos or videos of pornographic content; otherwise, the user will be blocked immediately.

AnastasiaDate – Our Verdict

AnastasiaDate has a wide range of single women from various Slavic countries who are looking forward to creating serious relationships with men from abroad. These are the women of a different age range, physical appearance, and interests.

AnastasiaDate is no doubt worth trying. With the assistance of competent staff, registered members will be able to get full insight into the aspects of online dating they are interested in. Furthermore, this trustworthy and safe online dating platform provides its customers with helpful communication tools, creating a convenient and secure environment for building relationships remotely.

AnastasiaDate Video Review

AnastasiaDate Feedback

AnastasiaDate provides love stories, shared by its former users where they explain their process of online dating on the service and finding Slavic wife.

Bernard from Chicago managed to find a family-oriented bride Natalia from Ukraine and was surprised by a huge amount of single ladies when he first signed up. He was lucky enough to find his wife, build a relationship with her, which led to creating a happy family.

Slavic ladies also share their experiences. One of them is Olga, who liked receiving letters from single men, especially from the one that is now her husband from Germany – Martin.

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