This site is one of the oldest in Asian dating industry. It has an incredibly wide membership database and hundreds of happy couples and families.
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AsiaMe Review

AsiaMe Usability

AsiaMe Usability

The website is very easy to use due to a simple and elegant design. Moreover, its serviceability provides multiple services and additional tools that are fully available to registered members. Creating your personal profile allows you to get access to multiple communication means provided by the dating website. Due to light web-design, they are very easy to find and use.

What is good

AsiaMe provides multiple services and tools for search and communication that can be freely used. They are considered very important in online dating, especially when it comes to creating families. Therefore, the staff of the platform has provided customers with a simple design, behind which are multiple tools and professional assistance.

What is bad

The simple design allows navigating freely without any previous knowledge about online dating services. Yet, to be able to get full access to the source, you ought to become a member of AsiaMe, which is paid. Only then you can get the desired experience and see all the sides of using a reliable dating platform.

Mobile App

Nowadays, in the era of smartphones, we are used to browsing and finishing our tasks using our phones. Therefore, any website needs to have a convenient mobile version or mobile application. AsiaMe provides such an opportunity, allowing registered users to stay in touch even when their desktops are out of reach.

Mobile App

What is good

The website application can be downloaded via the Google Play store if you have an Android smartphone. If you are the owner of Apple products, AsiaMe mobile app can be installed from the App Store. It allows you to sign in and check all the chats you receive from ladies, as well as have full access to your personal account.

What is bad

If you have not paid for your mobile Internet, you will not be able to sign in your profile using the AsiaMe app, unless you have a Wi-Fi connection, of course. On the other hand, you will have to get used to the mobile interface, which is slightly different from the desktop version and can be confusing at the beginning.

Quality of Profiles

AsiaMe contains multiple profiles, belonging to single ladies from Asia, China in particular. The website has managed to create a huge database of women seriously considering finding a foreign partner to build strong relationships. But does a profile of a particular woman play any role in the process of online dating?

AsiaMe profiles

Indeed, the personal profile of any single Chinese woman shares basic information about her, which usually includes personality traits and physical characteristics. There are also personal photos she has uploaded to share with her potential Mr. Right. Taking a brief look at the profile of your potential Chinese bride will help you decide whether you want to contact her for further relationship developing or not.

What is good

You can learn a lot about the person by taking a look at her personal profile. Moreover, by the characteristics that can be set, you will be able to find a lady according to your own preferences and tastes.

What is bad

Providing any particular information on the personal page is optional. Therefore, there are some blank profiles with a poor quantity of information. Sometimes it is difficult to decide if you are ready to contact such a woman because you are not sure if she is the one.

Making contact

asiame chat

The communication process is very important when it comes to online dating. AsiaMe provides the opportunity to easily contact any Asian lady you liked and feel ready to begin a relationship. Multiple communication tools are additionally supported by the assistance of a professional translator, whose task is to interpret all the messages sent between you two.

Usually, the communication process is started by a single man who sends the so-called introduction letter. In this letter, he briefly introduces himself and describes the reason why he has decided to contact a particular woman. AsiaMe includes multiple tips and advice related to creating an introduction letter successfully to win the heart of potential Asian wife.

What is good

There are different ways of communicating so that all the users can choose the most convenient one. You can write and send e-mail letters and receiving the ones from your beloved woman in the same way. But if you prefer real-time communication, there are live chat and video chat, supported by the assistance of a personal translator.

What is bad

Online dating website AsiaMe is not considered fully free. Yet, you will not have to pay for registration. However, using communication tools and other additional services requires paying so-called Qpid credits that can be obtained by paying real money.

AsiaMe Sign Up

AsiaMe Sign up

To become a member of the AsiaMe dating community, you will need to create your personal profile first. Notice that the process of signing up does not require too much time, and is absolutely free. The potential user ought to provide basic details, such as personal name, gender, birthdate, write a personal e-mail address and come up with a strong password.

After being verified, you will get access to your personal profile. There you will be able to continue adding more information, create a nickname, and add some photos. All the details can be optionally shared on the profile.

What is good

As a registered member of AsiaMe, a single man gets access to all services and tools offered by the online dating platform. Moreover, you will be able to view the profiles of other users and members of the dating service, as well as send them messages and letters.

What is bad

Although the process of creating an account is absolutely free, it is not enough to just sign up to date on AsiaMe. The website is known to use the online purchasing system, which means that all the services provided to the customers ought to be paid to be used.

Profile Approval Time

Usually, the process of creating a personal account is followed by a verifying process. We can assure you that profile approval time is short so that you can get access to your new page as fast as possible. This procedure is necessary and required for the security of the online dating platform.

asiame account

AsiaMe is a reliable online dating source that supports anti-scam policy. But not only do we properly check all the single Asian women creating their profiles in our system but also all men registered. The website also protects your data.

As soon as you become a member of the AsiaMe dating community, all the information you provided, as well as the one you will share in the future, is protected. Profile approval time plays a vital role in checking whether a new user is older than 18, as well.

Customer Service

Remember that all registered members of AsiaMe have live support they can contact to solve particular questions. The staff of the website is knowledgeable and has a many-year experience in the online dating industry. They are ready to provide the customers with the necessary tips, answering all the questions at any stage of an online dating process.

AsiaMe provides members with a big number of additional services, too. As registered customers, single men will be able to use any tool necessary to develop a relationship with a particular Asian woman.

asiame support

What is good

The professional Support Team of AsiaMe is ready to answer any of your questions to make things clear for you. It supports the new members in need, especially the ones who have never interacted with online dating platforms. Customer service is multilingual, working 24/7.

What is bad

If you have sent a letter with an issue that bothers you previously, or a particular question, you will have to wait. To be able to get an instant reply, you need to use a live support chat (which is not free). But if there is no one currently online, you will have to wait a bit.

Number of Members

Today AsiaMe has more than four million members, which means that approximately 700 000 of them are single women from several Asian countries. All the profiles belong to real people that have proven their identity by providing the necessary documentation. The profiles are represented in the huge database of the AsiaMe.


Safety and Antiscam

One of the most important things you need to be aware of is that AsiaMe website is absolutely safe. Due to strong anti-scam protection, there are no robots on the dating service. All the people whose personal accounts you can see are absolutely real. They have previously provided the necessary documentation to prove their identity. There is also a verification process when signing up, required to check the identity of a particular person.

AsiaMe Value for Money

There is a big variety of communication tools and services to be used as a member of the AsiaMe. But this reliable dating source is not a free website. To be able to activate and use them, the client ought to obtain so-called Qpid credits by paying via credit card. The service accepts any other payment method according to the rules. The costs of all additional services and communication tools are usually denoted in Qpid Credits that are not always equal to real currency. However, there is a Refund Policy for the unused credits as well as the ones you have accidentally spent on the wrong service.

asiame pricing

AsiaMe Payment and Prices

Free and Paid Plans

AsiaMe delivers practical solutions and provides the customers with all the necessary tools for their dating needs. All the services and tools offered by AsiaMe can be bought separately. There is also a Premium Membership that gives lots of privileges.

Payment Methods

To make a purchase, the customer of AsiaMe can pay via credit or debit card or any other payment method accepted on the dating platform. The real currency transforms into the Qpid Credits so that you can pay for multiple services and communication tools, as well as Premium Membership.

Extra Costs

All you pay for on the AsiaMe online dating service is a set of additional tools and services; there are no extra costs. Whether you have decided to pay for each service separately or buy a Premium Membership, you will not have to pay for anything more than that.

How Credits Work

Exploring the website allows you to meet potential matches to build relationships with. If you want to contact a single lady on AsiaMe or send a letter, you will have to pay Qpid Credits. They provide you the opportunity to use all the services offered by the dating platform freely.

asiame prices

Frequently Asked Questions

Is AsiaMe Legit?

AsiaMe has been operating for several years. Therefore, it is a proven website for building serious long-term relationships. AsiaMe follows strict policy, as well as anti-scam protection and age restriction rules. Moreover, it is not allowed to post or send in chat photos or videos containing pornographic content.

It has been created to help individuals from all over the world find their matches, and date single ladies from several Asian countries. All the information about you collected by AsiaMe is protected, valuing the privacy of each registered member.

asiame review

Is AsiaMe Completely Free?

There are few free communication platforms, but AsiaMe is not one of them. This website uses credits so that registered users and members can pay for additional services to get the desired results. Moreover, the personal information they provided is protected.

If you pay and use Qpid credits on AsiaMe, you will be able to freely choose from several alternatives, among which are emails, live chats, video chats, and many other ones. However, you do not have to pay in order to sign up or add particular information on your account.

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