This site claimed itself to be of the top-notch quality: many single women profiles, extra tools for better dating experience, and anti-scam policy.
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Dream-Marriage Review

Going online provides endless opportunities, allowing modern individuals to finish certain tasks, study, communicate, and even build long-term relationships. When it comes to the last-mentioned one, there are several popular opinions about building serious relationships on a distance. It is fast and convenient, bringing amazing results and helping most lonely people find their matches.

Many aspects of dating on the Internet ought to be considered. First of all, whether you are a single man or woman, you need to become a customer of a reliable and trustworthy online dating service. And appears to be one of them.

Why is often chosen over many other online dating sources because it provides a unique opportunity to discover singles from Eastern Europe. Nowadays, many single men are looking for Ukrainian, Russian, or Belarusian women. The thing is, in comparison to local ladies, single men often consider Slavic girls more family-oriented, and undoubtedly naturally beautiful. is a safe and reliable way to start a relationship with a woman of your dreams. It has already helped many couples to find each other, fall in love, and build a family. The website is a combination of useful services and a prominent international community. Pros

As a member of online dating source, you will get multiple opportunities and advantages, allowing you to operate and communicate on the website easily. What are the things that usually distinguish this dating service from other platforms on the Internet?

A wide range of single women profiles

This online dating platform offers a wide range of profiles that belong to single ladies from different Slavic countries. They are ready to build serious relationships looking for their Mr. Right. They also have serious intentions to have a happy family. Therefore, these single Russian ladies or single Ukrainian women do not like wasting their time.

DreamMarriage Profile, DreamMarriage com Review, Dating Slavic Women

A variety of additional helpful tools

To be able to communicate on Dream-Marriage com, the website provides multiple tools and services the users consider very useful. Remember, when it comes to communicating and dating a girl from another country, you need to be into some specific sides of Eastern Europe culture to get people’s mentality

The website of your choice should possess necessary technical support, including different types of chats, the assistance of a personal translator, and many other helpful features.

It is safe and convenient

Dating on Dream-Marriage com is safe due to anti-scam policy. Before becoming a member of the dating website, the profile usually awaits approval. In that way, we try to minimize the risks of having fake profiles in the system belonging to scammers. Cons

Naturally, some individuals may find Dream-Marriage com online dating website an inconvenient way to build relationships remotely. What are the negative sides potential new members need to be aware of before considering becoming a customer of this online dating platform?

DreamMarriage Pros and Cons, DreamMarriage com Review, Dating Slavic Women

Mentality question

When it comes to dating someone originating from another country, there is always a mentality question. It usually obligates you to find out more about all the specifics of Eastern European mentality. On the other hand, it also depends on the family background and upbringing of your potential match. But this is what usually distinguishes international dating from the traditional one.

Be aware of scammers

Dream-Marriage com tries hard to block all the scammers and prevent them from creating fake profiles on the system. However, there is a number of real people not looking for serious relationships. Instead, they demand gifts and money. They are also considered scammers and ought to be reported by other users to be blocked immediately. Value

Dream-Marriage com is a definition of a safe and efficient online dating based on all the demands of users. From different perspectives, the mentioned online dating website is capable of providing registered users with strong technical and informative support. Moreover, the website has a user-friendly interface you can navigate through easily.

The online dating platform is a big community of single ladies, mostly focusing on single people from Ukraine and Russia. They are of a different age range and interests, looking for a particular type of man. Due to multiple communication tools, you will quickly get to know someone to decide if you want to develop your relationship with any furtherer.

DreamMarriage Girl Profile, DreamMarriage com Review, Dating Slavic Women

Ease of Use

Potential members of do not have to possess any knowledge to become a member of the dating platform. Online dating service itself guides newly registered users to help them, answering all their questions and making all the things clear.

On top of that, single individuals of any age are provided with simple web-design, allowing them to navigate around this light structure easily. If you have any questions or problems to be solved, there is always multilingual live support. Remember, the online dating website is here to connect millions of single individuals. Through them, they can easily find their match from another country.

Customer Service

From the very beginning till the very end, Dream-Marriage com supports registered customers and provides the necessary assistance. There are some common questions usually asked by new users, but if you struggle with a specific issue, you can feel free to write to the customer service and get an adequate and detailed answer. has multilingual support working with individuals from all over the world.

On the other hand, there are services provided by the staff of the Russian online dating website on the demand of a particular customer, which includes the professional assistance of a translator. You can always ask for additional help in communicating with your potential single Ukrainian or Russian wife.

Number of members

There is no official public information to be shared with individuals about the number of registered members on However, it is believed that there are more than 50 thousand profiles created on the mentioned online dating platform. It includes both single men and women looking for serious relationships with someone originating from abroad.

There is a wide range of profiles, and their detailed information is always provided to registered members of only. The website values the personal space of each of its members. Moreover, there are always new users creating their accounts every day, which increases the total number of people using Dream-Marriage com

Quality of profiles

DreamMarriage Women Profiles, DreamMarriage com Review, Dating Slavic Women

Each profile, whether it belongs to a single lady or man, represents a personality of a particular member. Each of them contains necessary information about a specific single Russian lady regarding different aspects of her life. She is willing to share with her potential match. It may include:

  • A list of physical parameters
  • Personal interests and hobbies
  • Ideal match description to provide a detailed description of a single woman’s Mr. Right she is looking for
  • Private photos and videos

The profile usually contains enough information to decide whether you want to start communicating and dating a particular single woman from Ukraine or Russia.

Safety and Antiscam is considered a safe online dating platform for building relationships on an international level. All the ladies ought to provide their IDs to become a member of the online dating service. That way, they get approved by the marriage agency in their city.

On the other hand, there are ladies not looking for their match on the dating website. Usually, they become users of such service to receive money from other users. The only way to protect yourself is to avoid telling too much about yourself unless you can see you can fully trust your potential match.

Value for money

DreamMarriage Prices, DreamMarriage com Review, Dating Slavic Women

Becoming a member of is free, as well as adding personal information to personal profile and share personal photos. However, if you want to interact and communicate with other members, single Russian ladies, in particular, you need to have credits on your account.

The online dating service features a credit system and offers a few subscription deals of different monetary values. Registered members buy credits for real money. Offered subscriptions allow them to purchase a significant amount of credits to be used for activating communication tools (live chats in particular) and opening letters from single ladies.

How works is a simple system that connects single individuals from different parts of the world. They are united by one goal and desire to create a strong family.

To be able to begin your journey, there are a few stages to go through:

  • Registration process
  • Setting up a personal profile
  • Searching for particular single Russian ladies to date
  • Messaging them and communicating

Each of the steps makes you closer to your dream, allowing you to quickly develop your relationship with a single woman from Ukraine you may have liked.


DreamMarriage creating profile, DreamMarriage Registration, DreamMarriage com Review, Dating Slavic Women

Notice that a signing up process is free and effortless. To be able to become a member of, you will need to provide such personal details first:

  • Personal email
  • Unique username
  • Country
  • Gender
  • Create a strong password

After approval, which does not take very long, as a new user, you will be able to add more information. Just enter your profile and go to settings, where you are allowed to add personal photos, too. Moreover, you receive access to use all the features provided by the online dating system.


After setting up your profile, you can feel free to browse other profiles belonging to single women from Slavic countries. There are many accounts on the main page of the website, but for those having specific demands regarding the matches, they would like to date. There are two types of search available on

First of all, you can discover a particular account by entering its ID. Second of all, if you want to select particular parameters, there is an advanced search engine. It allows choosing multiple characteristics, among which are:

  • Physical parameters
  • Marital status
  • Age range
  • Location, etc.
DreamMarriage Search, DreamMarriage com Review, Dating Slavic Women


Once you have successfully found one or even a few single Russian women you want to date on, feel free to use communication tools to get to know them better. 

First of all, it is necessary to come up with an introduction letter, It will help to show a particular single girl you are interested in her and looking forward to building long-term relationships further.

Writing an introduction letter makes half of your success. That is why provides multiple tips and informative support, helping to create a message that is interesting to read. Follow these tips:

  • Come up with a short introduction letter so that your potential match does not spend too much time to read it
  • Mention something you have in common with a lady
  • Ask a few personal questions to demonstrate you are interested in further communication

Afterward, you can use communication tools, such as live and video chat, to get to know your potential Russian wife better.

Dating Rules

To be able to maintain the community, there are strict dating rules that ought to be followed once you become a member of Otherwise, your profile will be blocked, and you will not be able to date single Russian ladies.

Remember that it is forbidden to demand money from other users. That is a dating platform created for dating, for individuals with sincere intentions to create a family.

It is also forbidden to ask a single Russian lady to send any photos or videos of her containing pornographic content. Users are not allowed to post and share such pictures, too. – Our Verdict

So, you are looking forward to building long-term relationships with a lady originating from another country, and you fully understand all the responsibilities. You a member of an online dating website, is definitely for you. 

As a registered member of, you will get access to all the features and additional services. They will help you succeed in communicating with a particular single Russian lady. Personal translator assistance, multilingual support, and many other helpful features are the key to efficient online dating. Video Review

There is no Video Review; but if the one appears, we’ll add it to our site. Stay updated!

Dream-Marriage com Feedback

DreamMarriage Feedback, DreamMarriage com Review, Dating Slavic Women

To be able to inspire new members of, multiple love stories are belonging to real couples. They are former users of the online dating platform who have met each other and managed to build strong family relationships.

Max shares his first impressions of using, claiming that it is not possible to find the girl of your dreams immediately after signing up. It does require some time but, eventually, when he saw Svetlana, a single girl from Moscow, he fell in love.

Another former user, Gregory, found his Russian girlfriend with the help of the website. Thanks to its informative and simplistic structure, it was not difficult to search for the right girls. Besides, an open-minded spirit of Russian ladies was a definite advantage in his search – Gregory knew from the start whether he is liked or not. 

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