Main differences between a girl and a woman

What distinguishes a girl from a woman? Is the whole difference only in age and experience behind the shoulders? What is true female wisdom? In this article, we will try to give definitive answers to these questions.

When does a girl become a woman?

Surely every person at least once in his life was in an awkward situation when it is not clear how to contact a female representative. In modern life, you often have to contact a stranger: in the queue in front of the cashier, in the clinic, in places of entertainment. But turning into a woman or a girl is not so easy. You can inadvertently offend a young lady, calling her a woman, or, on the contrary, turn to a lady of age as a girl and look ridiculous.

A girl is young, energetic, beautiful, and capable of self-development. And a woman is a formed personality.

We can say that a girl who has a full-fledged family immediately grows into a woman. However, today there are many different options. Therefore, each person stops only at his point of view when a young girl goes into adulthood:

  • after coming of age;
  • after the first intimacy with a young man;
  • only when she starts a family and has a child.

The main differences between a girl and a woman

There is a difference between biology, psychology, and the social conditions in which biology and psychology (individual in particular) manifest themselves.

  • Biological approach

From a biological point of view, one can reason as follows: a woman is a female, created for the purpose of procreation, whose body is intended for the same function.  Being a girl means being in the preparatory stage. That is, to have all the characteristics of a woman, but not yet fulfill the purpose.  Entering childbearing age is a truly biological transition from girl to woman. But the line here is very thin. Because in fact, the meaning is not only to give birth to a child but also to raise it.

  • Medical approach

From the point of view of medicine, a girl who has given birth to a child becomes a woman. For a long time, there has been a historically developed approach to the separation of these terms, based on the anatomical features of the organism.

Nowadays, a similar judgment is more common, but with a touch of social status. Before marriage – she is a girl, after marriage (relationship with a man) – a woman or a young woman. This emphasizes the biological and ethical maturity for procreation.

  • Psychological approach

Women and girls see the world differently. From the point of view of psychological maturity, there is a chasm between a girl and a woman.

A girl is a creature looking for herself in different directions. The main thing for her is communication. The goal in life is to find a boyfriend, a prince, your man.

The woman knows what she wants. Knows how not only to receive but also to give. She learned to allocate attention and time to family, work, personal interests. Values – stability, prosperity, self-expression, independence. The goal in life is family happiness and harmony.

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