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The true giant in worldwide dating. It has the widest membership base and security level. Visitors appreciate it for all the perks that a decent dating platform could have.
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This site claimed itself to be of the top-notch quality: many single women profiles, extra tools for better dating experience, and anti-scam policy.
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The database is full of beautiful Slavic singles where you can find your perfect match. It's an easy-to-use portal, which might help you to create strong relationships.
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Russian Brides Dating

There is no secret in the fact that Russian brides are very attractive. In addition to beauty, they have unique mental qualities that make them the most desirable mail order brides. That is why men from all over the world are thinking about how to find a Russian bride, bring to their country, make her a wife and mother of their children.

But it is not very simple to date Russian beauty if you don’t know where to find her. Moreover, Russian girls are rather confident and can be touchy persons, so it is necessary to take a specific approach to a Russian bride. Let’s know more about Russian beauties and why men like them so much.

Russian Brides Features

They are incredibly beautiful

Russian women are really beautiful; at least they hear it constantly. They are aware that they are beautiful, they like to make themselves beautiful, and they enjoy being beautiful. The secret of this exceptional beauty lies in the wild mixing of the West and the East.

So, this bright mixture has been developed in Russia for centuries, and here is the result – a charming combination of East and West: high cheekbones and round faces, the softness of features and light skin, green/blue/grey eyes, and mainly dark rustic or dark chestnut hair.

They know how to support

Russian women have great power of endurance and patience. Russia is a “women’s” country according to research on intercultural communication. It implies a system of values prevailing in society. So-called “women’s” cultures put human relations and quality of life first. It explains a lot in Russia – why Russian wives are so caring, why they support men, why they are kind, and why they have such developed maternal instincts. The femininity and beauty of Russian ladies attract Western men.

They are strong

Russian women have power. Their main qualities are patience, the ability to forgive, the power of their love and family protection. Their power also in staying beautiful despite all the hardships of life. But most of all, their strength is that they show their weakness, especially concerning men.

Both of these principles are perfect in Russian wives: being capable of enormous strength in some situations, they will be weak in others. There is a game in this – a game with a change of roles that they know and perform ingeniously.

russian pretty girl

Why Foreign Men Look for Russian Brides

Because they charmed by the stunning appearance

Most Russian brides think that they should always look gorgeous, even if they go to pick up a newspaper from a mailbox or walk with a dog. The fact that the Russian bride always looks good seems frightening. After all, if you’re going to go out somewhere with your beauty from Russia, you have to make a lot of effort to look decent against her background.

Because they are devoted and true friends

A Russian wife will be the most loyal friend for you, the best adviser, a competent critic, and even a personal doctor if you get sick. Women in Russia are caring and gentle; they are always ready to support the husband and go through any troubles together.

Because they are educated

Apart from strength and beauty, Russian women are often well-educated and hardworking. Literacy and the level of education in Russia are relatively high. Besides, Russian women consider it necessary to develop and invest in their education.

Russian brides: dating sexy russian lady

Top Dating Sites to find a Russian Mail-Order Bride

Choosing among international dating websites is always a little bit of a lottery. After all, even on the website with the largest base of women’s profiles and potential mail order brides, you may not find your soulmate. And another online service suddenly will require you to switch to paid services. And they’ll do everything they can to make you pay. However, we selected the top three sites for dating Russian brides you can trust.


Registration is very simple, so you can create a profile here in one second. For a better search, you need to add your account photo. Searching the database is also easy. Using various options and filters, you can also set selection criteria to help you find the perfect match with photos.

The variety of online services on the site also surprises. For example, you go to the site and see an offer to look through the questionnaires of those who have registered very recently. Here, on the homepage of the website, you will see an offer to look at the new photos added in the last three days.


Dating online is the only place where without getting up because of your computer, you will be able to meet many single Russian women whose desire to start a family coincides with yours. VictoriaDates provides all registered users with full and completely free access to the database of girls, free posting of your questionnaire and photos on the site. Also, it guarantees the confidentiality of your correspondence and the possibility to exchange attention signs with other users.

Subscription to Premium Account and VIP Account is optional. These services will be useful primarily to those who are used to active actions and want to organize the search for the missing soulmate in the most convenient way for themselves.

VictoriaDates: online dating, sexy slavic lady


CharmDate pays much attention to the psychology of paired relationships. A special psychological test has been created for this purpose. Then, when selecting questionnaires, it will be enough to click on a line offering questionnaires of compatible partners to speed up the search. Someone it can help or vice versa. But the option deserves attention.

CharmDate website also publishes news of the resource, so that all clients are always aware of the changes and innovations taking place. There are also tips on communication, relationship development, correspondence, information about cultural differences that a woman may face when meeting a foreign man.

Are Russian Women Worth Marrying?

Russian women are more kind, caring, pleasant in communication, and interested in the family and love than Western women. Another important aspect is their beauty: they are elegant and feminine. A Russian wife needs to emphasize her femininity through clothing.

Russian brides don’t expect the husband to hearten them at once: they don’t live in a romantic film where everything is perfect. It will take a long time to win the trust of a Russian woman, so be very careful and do not take the wrong steps. Always maintain a respectful and gallant attitude towards your lady from Russia, and she will reciprocate to you.

Can You Really Order a Russian Bride?

Actually yes, because women make their choice on their own and there is no slavery or so in this process. It is required that a Russian bride should understand what she is doing communicating with western men on such kind of topics as online dating.

Russian Women Cultural Differences to keep in mind

RussianBrides: dating online, dating Russian girl

They can be too independent

This powerful image of an independent woman who doesn’t need help or protection from men is most truthful. Girls in Russia do not believe in perfect relations and think that even if they find their prince, they should be able to support themselves as it may happen in some western countries.

Career and receiving a second higher education for many of them is much more attractive than finding someone who will appreciate your individuality and freedom. Women in Russia are independent and very stubborn. On the other hand, its fighting character will help you both overcome difficult times.

They may have too high expectations

Russian women are very demanding. They want more than just a male who will love them to madness. They want the best man in the world who, at the same time, loves them to madness. Russian beauty expects you to behave like a gentleman. So if you’re not of this type of man, you shouldn’t even try to build a relationship with a Russian lady. Russian ladies are used to keeping their distance before getting close to any of the new friends.

They can cook strange food

For many Russian women, a delicious dinner is a way to demonstrate her love, so be prepared for her culinary experiments. At first, Russian food can seem completely normal and even a little boring. But if you start eating that food constantly, not just during visits to her parents, you will have more and more questions.


Russian brides believe that their partners are the best persons on Earth: the most talented, the strongest, the smartest. She genuinely thinks so because she values herself very highly. And if Russian lady considers herself queen, she could choose only the king and treat him accordingly, as a royal individual – with respect, care, love, and support.

But if you think devotion is too boring, you better not meet Russian brides. So, Russian lady will become your best friend and partner, if you are lucky to find your beauty from Russia. Those brides Russian men can have without any problem could be a real surprise for a western man.

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