Intuitive navigation of this site is designed for a more comfortable dating experience. Find your beautiful Ukrainian wife without leaving the house.
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UkrainianCharm Review

UkrainianCharm Usability

Ukrainian Charm is a dating platform for searching for beautiful and delectable Ukrainian women. The website is hugely popular among love seekers of all ages due to its easy to use platform.

What is good

The platform is designed with intuitive navigation for moving from one page to another. With just a few clicks, you can skim through the interesting profiles of members. Furthermore, the text fonts are easy on the eyes, and the colors used on the homepage and member profiles are quite attractive.

What is bad

Although the website has a first-class navigation system, members who are new to the world of online dating may not be able to keep up with constant messages sent to them from different profiles at the same time. This difficulty becomes less so with time as you gain a better understanding of how to use the website.

Mobile App

Ukrainian Charm’ mobile app is best for those who are constantly on the move and may not have the time to log onto the website to access their profiles or to send and receive messages as quickly as possible. The app is available in iOS and Android versions and can be downloaded for free.

UkrainianCharm app

What is good

The mobile app is so easy to use such that first time users can operate it for the first time of trying. The limitations and difficulties experienced with the website have been taken care of with the app.

What is bad

When users receive messages, it takes a few minutes longer to receive a notification. You also need reliable internet broadband to enjoy the full value of the app. Occasions of slow profile picture downloads are not uncommon when your internet signal is weak.

Quality of Profiles

Ukrainian Charm is home to Ukrainian damsels with amazing profiles. After completing your registration to become a full-fledged member, you can view the profiles of registered ladies who are already active on the platform. The database has the full details of every single individual with a membership. Profile pictures are beautiful and clear, and you can conduct searches based on age, location, names, and romance preference.

What is good

Some of the profile quality that sets Ukrainian Charm apart from other dating platforms are

  • Clear and picturesque profile pictures of members
  • Webcam photos can be uploaded as well
  • Video accessibility for interested members who want to make their videos public
  • Comprehensive profile information

What is bad

The negatives we noticed are

  • Members cannot share their current mood in real-time
  • Members can only access some profiles on paid membership
  • Webcam photos are not of the best quality

Making Contact

In order to make contact with another user of the platform, you will have to initiate a quick search. Searches can be conducted based on names, location, and age. Using the member search bar will bring up a long list of active profiles based on your search preference.

Each profile will also provide you with requisite information regarding user activity, so you can tell if a user has been active on the platform and for how long.

ukrainiancharm how to contact

What is good

Initiating contact with a member that catches your fancy is as easy as reciting the letters of the alphabet.

  • Searches bring up results within seconds
  • You click on profiles and send messages instantaneously from the same page
  • The active icons are quite intuitive and functional
  • You can also send winks and like photos of other members to indicate your interest

What is bad

The downside is

  • There are no daily profile suggestions for on Ukrainian Charm
  • The available options for initiating contacts are limited
  • It may take a while to receive feedback

Ukrainian Charm Sign Up

Signing up to become an active member of Ukrainian Charm is quite easy. Do note that you will not be able to chat or send messages if you are not a registered member.

ukrainian charm register

There are no sign-up fees attached, and you can conclude the process in less than 10 minutes. The process is simplistic and requires only a few easy steps. You will be asked to provide information regarding your;

  • Location
  • Date of Birth
  • Name
  • Gender
  • User password

What is good

Unlike the complicated procedure, users have to deal with in other platforms, Ukrainian Charm’ sign-up is very straightforward and stress-free

  • It takes only a few steps to sign-up
  • Your personal information is protected
  • Legal documents are not required for registration
  • You generate your password

What is bad

We could not find anything wrong with the Sign-up procedure. User information is protected, and members are not forced to divulge highly sensitive personal information.

Profile Approval Time

After completing your Sign-up on the platform, the next stage will be to create your personal profile. Your profile will be open to other Ukrainian Charm users, so you need to do it just right. Although the platform allows you to skip your profile creation until you are ready, you will not attract Ukrainian women until you do so.

ukrainiancharm approved

After filling and submitting your profile, the platform admin will review your information accordingly. Profiles may be approved between 10 minutes but not longer than 24 hours. The information required of you to complete your profile are:

  • Dating preference
  • Personal habits (Drinking, Smoking)
  • Physical appearance (Eye color, hair color, height, weight)
  • Physical attributes of your preferred dating match

Customer Service

Ukrainian Charm’ customer service is active round the clock and can be reached during periods of emergencies. If you have issues with your account, you can contact Support by clicking the “Customer Support” icon located at the bottom of your account homepage.

In a few words, you can explain whatever issue you are having with your account and expect a response in a short while. Some common issues are:

  • Disabled account
  • Missing profile information
  • Failure to send or receive messages
  • Difficulty at renewing paid membership
  • Reporting a member who has violated site rules

What is good

The great thing about their customer service is that there are multiple links through which you can initiate contact. Besides sending them a message on the platform, you can also contact them using any of their social media handles.

What is bad

Slight delays may be experienced as messages are not responded to as swiftly as you may like. Sometimes, responses may take a few hours or up to 24 hours, most especially during weekends.

Ukrainian Charm Number of Members

ukrainiancharm review

Ukrainian Charm has a very large number of active users from different parts of the world. The good news is that most of the profiles are active all year round, so finding a Ukrainian woman of your dream shouldn’t be that hard. Currently, there are

  • 400,000 users with an active membership
  • Hundreds of members are registered daily
  • Over 92% of profiles have pictures
  • More than 50,000 accounts are logged into monthly
  • Members from different nations and continents are represented
  • Members of different ages are active on the platform

Safety and Artistscam

While reviewing Ukrainian Charm’s safety policy and procedures, we observed that user safety is treated as an utmost priority. As a registered member, your personal information and card details are protected with the aid of the embedded 128-bit SSL encryption installed on the platform.

Through this medium, whatever information you provide is protected from scam and unsolicited use.

UkrainianCharm Value for Money

ukrainiancharm review

Despite the limitless number of dating websites on the internet, Ukrainian Charm is in a class of its own. If you subscribe to a paid membership on this platform, you will get your money’s worth in terms of value. The profiles on the platform are of real Ukrainian women, and they number thousands.

Paid memberships grant you unrestricted access to all of them, and it increases your chances of finding that soulmate you have always longed for. Coupled with this fact is the platform’s ease of use.

Whether you are on the official website or the mobile app, searching and chatting with your Eastern European sweetheart is easy and fun.

UkrainianCharm Costs and Prices

Most (not all) of the value-added services available on Ukrainian Charm is to be enjoyed at a price. Below we preview the plans.

ukrainiancharm prices

Free and Paid Plans

Under the Free Plan, you can sign-up and view profiles of all the members on the platform. You can also create and update your profile free of charge. But to enjoy more comprehensive benefits such as chatting, for instance, you will need to upgrade your membership to a Paid Plan.

The paid plan grants you unrestricted access to other members. You can enjoy all the benefits of free membership and much more. To pay for any of the special features and services on Ukrainian Charm, you will need to acquire Credits. Currently, there are five payment plans on offer.

  • 20 Credits for $9.99
  • 25 Credits for $28.99
  • 50 Credits for $64.99
  • 250 Credits for $99.99
  • 750 Credits for $214.99

Payment Method

Buying Credits to purchase services is relatively easy. Credits can be bought with the use of your Credit Card or your Paypal Account. Do note that charges may apply when making payments using any of these two mediums.

Extra Cost

There are no additional costs or hidden charges incurred when using the platform. Once you purchase your Credits on any of the 5-tier payment plans, you will not be charged extra for as long as your credit remains. You will be notified if your credit is running low, and you will have to repurchase new credits to continue to enjoy the services you subscribed for.

How Credit Works

Credits are the digital currency of the platform. They are used to subscribe to special featured services such as language translation, for example. Ukrainian women have a basic understanding of English.

However, should you meet one that can’t converse well enough in English, you will have to subscribe for a message translation service. Subscriptions for services are time-bound. Once it expires, you will have to re-subscribe again to continue to enjoy such services.


ukrainiancharm review

Is UkrainianCharm Free?

Ukrainian Charm is free, but to enjoy special services on the platform, you will have to subscribe to a paid membership. However, on a Free membership, you can signup, build your profile, gloss through some of the patterns of active members online and even send winks whenever you please.

How does UkrainianCharm Credit work?

To subscribe for special services such as access to VIP members or language translation, you need to obtain credits. You can buy credits on the platform with your Paypal account or a credit card. Once you have a credit balance, you can begin to enjoy the featured services of your choosing.

Is UkrainianCharm Safe?

Yes, Ukrainian Charm is very safe. The website and mobile app have 128-bit SSL encryption to protect users from hackers. All your personal and financial details are not shared with third parties.

The anti-hacking software and compliance ensure that users are safe when online and their information protected when they are offline.

How can I know that the profiles are real?

You can know if the profiles are real based on the quality of response and speed at which online members reply to your message. Real-life interaction is very different from those of chat bots, and this is clear for all to see.

When chatting with a love interest, you can ascertain the authenticity and humaneness of the other party based on the quality of replies and questions they ask.

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